OpenIndiana 151a released

After the release of PostgreSQL 9.1, today another great open source project released a new version - OpenIndiana.

OpenIndiana is based on a fork of OpenSolaris, named Illumos. It was announced in august 2010. OpenIndiana has evolved since that time and got a stable release 148 and today 151a. That release is very solid and got one thing, which Solaris 11 has and most likely will never have: KVM.

So from today you get a Solaris fork with crossbow, resource containers, zones and the kernel virtual machine, converted from linux to Illumos from the developers of Joyent. They built there own distribution, SmartOS, which is a bootable OS for managing a cloud like setup but without the zones.

So if you have a large Infrastructure and want to seperate some programs from each other or have some old infrastructure, try OpenIndiana and it’s zones and kvm.