link summary 2016/07/08

Agin a small link collection with some useful links I found over the last couple weeks.

projects written in Go

The following three projects are web or REST frameworks for go with different sets of integration of modules. Iris even comes with a book on how to use it.

man pages

As I had the need to write some man pages, I collected some very good documentation on that topic from the following two sources:

I can only recommend to write man pages in the FreeBSD/Solaris style, as they also work on Gnu/Linux systems but are much easier to build using the FreeBSD macro system.

Also, the following manpages helped a log

I used the ZFS (zfs(8), zpool(8)) man pages in their raw source as a reference.


I also found some really interesting links for PostgreSQL or SQL in general

That’s it for today, have fun.