link summary 2016/04/09

The last couple days I found a number of very interesting links. As some of them might be interesting for others too, I will put them here with some short explanation.


There is some really interesting development in the golang community to build tools based on the provided compiler infrastructure to do various stuff with your code. Some of these tools are:

Another interesting post was done by Dave Cheney about constant errors, where he explains how one could define an error constant and when to use these constants.


As the progress on 9.6 is going forward, there some really interesting commits:

Also Bruce Momjian made an interesting blog entry about the layers of security in postgres. Where he shows in short the order and layers of security used in postgres.

Another great news for postgres is the open sourcing of citusdb as an extension for postgres. This enables sharding of data onto multiple postgres instances and therefore parallel execution of statements.

And at last, there is a very interesting blog post on bloat in postgres which largely happens in similar war on any database. The article shows some examples on how to find bloat and makes some suggestions on how to fix it.

Thats it for this entry. Have fun reading.